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Little Rock, AR

Original Artwork, Prints, and Handmade T-Shirts by local artists in Little Rock, AR.

For Creatives, By Creatives.

Robert Hinojosa

Artist Robert Hinojosa bio.


Robert Hinojosa

Robert Hinojosa was born in San Antonio, TX, and came to Arkansas for college in 2005. Since then, he has called Arkansas home, and currently lives and works in Little Rock, AR. Robert’s work has been featured in competitions and his work was displayed in 2004 at the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center.

Robert’s passion for art has been strong since he was young, often taking to drawing and more imaginative activities. Despite deciding to pursue other opportunities in college, graduating with his Bachelor’s, and later Master’s degree in Social Work, he never gave up his passion for creating. He pursued creative avenues by teaching himself graphic design and honing his illustration and cartooning skills.

Robert finds joy in design and illustration, and in May of 2015 he founded Rhinodillo Designs, LLC with his wife, Hannah. The focus of Robert’s work has been to inspire creativity in others, and communicate through his art. Robert now works primarily in acrylic paint, illustration, and printmaking.

When not creating, Robert works to better the lives of others through his profession as a Social Worker. His artwork often reflects both the pain and hope that he encounters on a daily basis through his work with some of the most hurt and vulnerable populations. His artwork communicates his view of the human experience.