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Little Rock, AR

Original Artwork, Prints, and Handmade T-Shirts by local artists in Little Rock, AR.

For Creatives, By Creatives.



Original paintings by the artist. Each painting is the original piece, and is signed and dated by the artist.


Seated+Man+Figure+Painting copy.jpg
Seated+Man+Figure+Painting copy.jpg
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18"X24" Acrylic painting on canvas board by Robert Hinojosa. Final framed dimensions are 21"X27".

This piece communicates a moment of clarity, whether that be regret and sadness for the past, or a sudden realization and release of denial. The light coming down could be interpreted as truth or realization being cast down on this being. The profound imagery can speak many things to the viewer, and the artist specifically wanted to leave it undefined.


If interested in purchasing this piece, please contact us directly to arrange shipping/delivery.pick-up.

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