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Little Rock, AR

Original Artwork, Prints, and Handmade T-Shirts by local artists in Little Rock, AR.

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Updates and blog posts on what is happening with Rhinodillo Designs. Here, we will announce new shirt designs, screenprints, printmaking, and fine art. We are located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Christmas Time

Robert Hinojosa

Pork spicy dumplings and carrot-slaw from Three Fold, downtown Little Rock, AR. 

Pork spicy dumplings and carrot-slaw from Three Fold, downtown Little Rock, AR. 

Well Christmas is almost here, and it's fairly dead in the office today. Figured I would go for a stroll downtown and eat at one of my favorite places, Three Fold. It's a beautifully simple restaurant. Only three items on the menu. Dumplings, noodles, or steamed buns. Dumplings are my favorite. For an extra treat, come after the lunchtime rush (they're open til 8pm) and you can choose between steamed or pan-fried. And be sure not to pass on the carrot-slaw. 

I've recently been contemplating how to improve my utilization of social media channels. This will be an ongoing effort through 2016, and I plan to start off with a contest. Keep tuned to our Instagram for more information. 

What I really want to talk about today is Christmas. In particular, what this season means to me now. In the past it has been about things like family, presents, and tons of food you really shouldn't eat. See, today Christmas has a different meaning for me. It means I get to give the people in my life that I love things that hopefully communicate how much they mean to me. It means seeing family and realizing how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life who love me for some reason. It means looking back on previous years and seeing how good I really had it, even in the hardest times of my life, and now appreciating every blessing my God has given me despite what a jerk I was, or how much I didn't deserve it. And, most importantly, it means reflecting on what has been given to me, and everyone else in this messed up world, that we definitely do not deserve, but that assures that what we do and who we are while on this small rock really does matter. 

See, if you don't know already, please know now that I am a Christian. Not one of "those Christians" that the media and world love to hate and ridicule, at least not for the same reasons, but someone who believes and will not back down from holding on to my own beliefs and truth I live by.  

See, at a time when the world is most open to be permissive and allow the story of my Savior coming to this earth be told, I want to make sure every person who reads this, however few they may be, knows they are loved by the God of the universe despite any muck they may have in their lives, or any chips on their shoulders. And all this God wants is to have these selfish beings he created choose Him. He wanted it so much He gave up His Son, a sacrifice, to make it possible for this to happen. 

That's what this season is about for me. A yearly reminder that God wants us all. And he made it amazingly clear, but still allows each and every one of us to make that choice. To accept Him or not. To believe or not. I, for one choose to believe. And as I hobble through this life each day, trying, and often failing, to live up to the price that was paid for this choice, I hope and pray that more people would open up their hearts to this hope. The hope that after this life is over, it mattered and made a difference. It had a purpose. Despite the pain, illness, suffering, war, and loss, it mattered. And I can be with my God after I'm done here.

In all our work here at Rhinodillo Designs, we hope to keep this in mind. We are not a "Christian business", we're just a couple of believers on our journey through this world. Trying to make sense of it all, and communicate some joy and inspiration along the way. Each of us has a bit of a creator in them. We were made by one. So go foster this. Create something new and outstanding in and of your life.