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Workplace Thoughts

Robert Hinojosa

Beef tips, red beans and rice, and broccoli from Frankie's Cafeteria downtown Little Rock, AR Regions building.

Beef tips, red beans and rice, and broccoli from Frankie's Cafeteria downtown Little Rock, AR Regions building.

Cafeterias are not typically anywhere near the top of my list of places to eat. However, seeing as how gloomy it is outside today, I opted not to leave my building for lunch after my eye caught "red beans and rice" scribbled on the sign outside the Cafeteria. So, now I sit in my break room eating a pretty decent lunch.  

There has been something on my mind all day today, and it has more to do with quality of life, and life work balance. See, I tend to have the mindset that what you do should be useful. I think that most would agree with me there. If a person finds themselves in a job that they think is worth nothing more than a paycheck, then the satisfaction with that job tends to be lower. At the same time, if you find yourself in a position where your job contributes to something bigger, and you see that what you do day to day makes a difference, satisfaction would increase. This is especially true for younger generations, where loyalty to an employer is directly affected by that employer's contribution to society overall. Even more true for younger generations is a desire to be in a position where your time is valued in a way that they do not feel the employer is wasting employees' time with unnecessary and menial tasks. 

For example, an employee's schedule is booked with meetings, phonecalls, and errands, which leave little time for the actual performance of the job duties that employee needs to get done each day. That employee may think that they could get a days work done in a few hours and spend the rest of that time on more meaningful opportunities. It's the concept of paying an employee based on work done, rather than time spent. An employee may be able to accomplish a week's worth of work in a few days. Should the rest of that time be spent monopolized by the employer? Traditional business thinking says yes. But more modern business models are beginning to see the merit in hiring employees outside the conventional 9-5 schedule. This fosters more loyalty to the employer and allows for more job satisfaction, which increases productivity. 

Obviously this is not possible withing every industry, and is meant for more task-centered positions. But imagine if you had complete control of your schedule, and all that was asked of you is to get X done by the end of the week. How motivated would you be to accomplish that task(s) quickly in order for you to use the rest of your time as you see fit? Not having to worry about a boss hovering over you to make sure you're on task and not wasting company time.

Well this may work in some manufacturing positions and in certain industries, but I don't believe I will ever experience it. My current job is too fluid to have this work. But it offers security as well. 

This is just a daydream of mine. Largely fueled by reading business articles and descriptions of millennial behavior patterns in the current workforce. I like my current job, and have no plans on leaving any time soon.  

I think that is it for me today. I'll have another lunchtime post soon. Until next time, go out and create something new!