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Little Rock, AR

Original Artwork, Prints, and Handmade T-Shirts by local artists in Little Rock, AR.

For Creatives, By Creatives.

Little Rock and Emerging Artists


Updates and blog posts on what is happening with Rhinodillo Designs. Here, we will announce new shirt designs, screenprints, printmaking, and fine art. We are located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Little Rock and Emerging Artists

Robert Hinojosa

White bean, smoked pork, and siracha bowl from Southern Gourmasian in Little Rock, AR. Virgil's organic rootbeer to drink.

White bean, smoked pork, and siracha bowl from Southern Gourmasian in Little Rock, AR. Virgil's organic rootbeer to drink.

As I sit here diving into an Asian spin on good ol' southern beans and cornbread. I enjoy the fact I have a job that affords me to come to places like this and have new local experiences every day if I choose. The walk here from my downtown office is quaint. I pass much more important people off to lunch business meetings and hurrying around running errands downtown. I knew a somewhat slower life. My work stays at work now (it definitely didn't before as a psychotherapist) and my breaks are my own. 

It's because of this that my wife and i can pursue our own hobbies of art and design. Something that isn't really easy in a place like Little Rock. Compared with other cities, which have a thriving arts community and readily accessible spaces to both work out of, display, and sell your work, Little Rock leaves much to be desired. Surprising since just a half day's drive Northwest lies the Arkansas Mecca for creative startups. 

There is an effort by city developers to create the "Little Rock Arts Corridor" on main street. But seeing rent prices and lease terms that are impossible for a small creative who wants to run a business debt-free, it's is unlikely you will find a small Maker or Creative with a functional storefront here. That being said, or search for viable studio space has finally come to an end. 

We just leased a small (very small) studio space close to the heart of downtown Little Rock on the second floor of the Pyramid Building at 2nd and Center streets. This new venture has both me and Hannah excited about what we can now accomplish working outside our own home and garage, but instead in a dedicated workspace. Hopefully we can get a foothold in the small arts community here and help it to grow.  

For now, we make plans for future projects and Designs. Everyone is invited each 2nd Friday of the month to the Art Walk 5pm-8pm. Come on over to the Pyramid building, and go up to the second floor, suite 201. That's where you will find us working away on the latest projects, and can stop in and chat for a bit. We'd love to see you.