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Little Rock, AR

Original Artwork, Prints, and Handmade T-Shirts by local artists in Little Rock, AR.

For Creatives, By Creatives.

Some Changes in Plans


Updates and blog posts on what is happening with Rhinodillo Designs. Here, we will announce new shirt designs, screenprints, printmaking, and fine art. We are located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Some Changes in Plans

Robert Hinojosa

Well, our "Pre-Launch" of our Monthly ShirtBox was not successful. Honestly I probably jumped the gun on this one, trying to launch before we were really ready. So, it's back to the drawing board for this one. I plan to have another go at it when we have more designs out and are capable of doing production on multi-color shirt designs (which we're working on right now). If you would like to keep up to date on our efforts with the Monthly ShirtBox, go to to subscribe to email updates on launch and prep. You'll also get a good deal with pre-launch when it happens next year!

Subscribe for email updates on launch

Subscribe for email updates on launch